Oromia Region

Oromia RegionOromia Region - Ethiopia


The vast region of Oromia covers and area of more than 350,000km2 and supports a large population of almost 20 million people. Roughly 85% of the regional population is Oromo and another 10% Amhara. Aside for the 5% who still practise animist or other traditional religions, the regional split between Christian and Muslim is as good as even The official language of Oromifa is inscribed with Latin script rather than Arabic characters used elsewhere in the country. With its fertile soils it is the breadbasket of the country, producing more than half of the countries agricultural crop, and it is also home to almost half the nations livestock.

Oromia hosts many of Ethiopia’s natural attractions including Bale and Awash National Parks and the lakes of the Rift Valley and Bishoftu.

History & Culture

The Oromo make up a significant portion of the Horn of African population. In the Ethiopia alone the Oromo are estimated to constitute about 30% of the 85 million inhabitants of the country. In fact, the Oromo nation is one of the most numerous nations in Africa which enjoys a homogeneous culture; shares a common language; and has a some how common political, religious and legal institutions.

The Oromo language, Afaan Oromoo or Oromiffa, belongs to the eastern Kushitic group of languages and is the most extensive of the forty or so Kushitic languages. It is also considered to be one of the five most widely spoken languages from among the approximately 1000 languages spoken in Africa. The Oromo language is very closely related to Konso, with more than fifty percent of the words in common, closely related to Somali and distantly related to Afar and Saho.

In the region, Amharic is widely spoken too. In some big towns such as Nazret Amharic spearks even surpass Afaan Oromoo speakers in number. Basic English is understood by young people.

Getting Here

Bole International Airport: The main hub for Ethiopian Airlines and also hosts Lufthansa, Sudan Airways, Kenya Airways, British Airways, KLM, Turkish Airways, Emirates, Gulf Air,Egypt Air and fly Dubai. A new runway and international terminal, which was said to be the largest in Africa, opened in 2003.

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